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​From Lego bricks to complex buildings

I grew up on an active volcanic area in a small village with a funny name and an angry priest. During my childhood I developed an excellent knowledge of video-games, dance music, Japanese robots, Lego bricks and Ducktales.

From peculiar hobbies to ambitious goals

As teenager, my mission was to convince my friends, my family and myself to be a fast swimmer, an NBA basketball player, a revolutionary rapper and a successful webmaster.
From a small village to a connected world

My study experience in Spain was a game-changer. 5 days after my Master's degree I moved to Milan looking for an internship and sleeping on a sofa. After that, I  changed 18 flatmates, 9 employers, 9 flats, 7 cities and 4 countries.

Curious about powerful stories started from limited resources and underrated things